Most of us would have to agree that a blowout not only makes your hair carefree for days on days, but also makes it smooth and full, a pretty good combination. Add on an Olaplex treatment for extra nourishment and/or styling with irons for some sassy curls. 


Our blowouts include a wash, conditioning and styling with the R+Co products that are the best fit for your hair.  Short hair blowouts are for those with hair above the shoulders and for those with shoulder length or longer, the Long hair blowout is for you!  

Short Hair (shorter than shoulder length)$60Book Now

Long Hair (shoulder length and longer)$75Book Now

Add-on Brazilian Blowout Rewind$40Book Now

Additional charge for extra time for super thick or long hair$15Book Now

Olaplex Blowout

Take your blowout to the next level with an Olaplex treatment added on. A must for anyone with color-treated or lightened hair. 

  • Protects hair from colour damage. 
  • Makes your hair stronger. 
  • Makes your hair shiny and smooth.
  • Reduce frizziness.
  • Reverses damage from sun exposure.


Olaplex Blowout - Short Hair (shorter than shoulder length)$95Book Now

Olaplex Blowout - Long Hair (shoulder length or longer)$110Book Now

Additional charge for extra time for super thick or long hair$15Book Now

Take your Blowout to the next level with the
Brazilian Blowout Rewind

Is your hair feeling dull and unmanageable? Let’s REWIND your strands to all their tamed and silky glory! REWIND instantly corrects damage that can cause hair to prematurely age. Utilizing smart technology, Brazilian Blowout REWIND supercharges delivery and performance of clinically proven actives combined with isolated plant proteins to compromised areas within the medulla, cortex and cuticle to effectively rebuild each strand from the inside out. Even the wiriest hairs will soften, leaving hair more manageable and glossy. Results are immediate, preventative and last up to 10 washes. Add on to your blowout for $40. 




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