We take pride in making a positive impact to our team, our clients and our community. We seek team players who are committed to being their personal best and who value working with a team of professionals who are just as passionate about their profession. Oh and please be happy and kind.

We offer one of the best employment packages in the industry for Portland Stylists and Barbers!


What do we offer besides a healthy and happy work environment? Commission up to 50%, retail commission, profit sharing, paid time off, and medical. Plus great discounts and plenty of free advanced education.  No back bar fees and no dress code. We also operate with open book management which means complete transparency of what revenue comes in and what expenses go out. 

If you have solid skills as either a barber or a colorist/stylist, always give great customer service, are professional, friendly and work well in a fast-paced shop, we want to hear from you! Please complete the brief application below and we will contact you.


Are you considering being an Independent Contractor?

We realize there are plenty of great shops around town. If you are considering being an Independent Contractor be sure you are clear what that means.

  • No guaranteed wage
  • No overtime pay
  • No insurance
  • No paid time off
  • No worker's comp insurance
  • Higher taxes (1099 "employees" pay 100% of FICA and Medicare taxes - about 15% total of your pay)
  • No contribution by your employer into your Unemployment Fund